Login request restricted

Hi @Mostapha

After registering and validating my account on Pollination, it seems I can’t log in as it is restricted.

This is trying to sign in with Google:

This is trying to sign in with email:

Hi @olivierdambron, sing in with Google is restricted to ladybug.tools email holders right now. You should try “sign in with email” option.

The second screen shot in my previous post is when I attempt to sign it with email.

Am I missing something?

Hi @olivierdambron :wave:

Our UI is a bit confusing at the moment so apologies for sending you around in circles. You need to sign up to the Pollination platform through a dedicated Sign Up link: Pollination Cloud App.

We have set this up for early access in order to limit who can sign up to our platform.

Once you create your account through this link you will be able to login normally using the Grasshopper plugin and the web app.

Let me know if you have any queries or issues setting up your account.

Welcome to Pollination! :tada:


Thank you @antoine!

@olivierdambron, let me know in case you followed the steps from this post and it end up being confusing. Will be happy to fix/improve the document: How to create your Pollination account - Web App - Pollination

thanks @antoine
I’m all set now.

@Mostapha I had first used the link you sent me by mail, which didn’t lead me to the one Antoine just posted.

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