Low speed when connecting 'study index' with Colibri

Hi everyone!

I was trying to do a parametric study and using Colibri to iterate all the studies (custom-energy-sim) I made on the cloud as well as several sliders in the post-processing.

Everything was good if I didn’t connect ‘index’ to the Colibri, each change of the sliders only took around 5s.

However, if I connect the ‘index’ to the Coliri, even it was only changing the ‘New AHU’ and ‘PV_System…’ sliders, it took around 20s to finish one change. (eg. ‘New AHU’ form 0 to 1)

I also tried to connect all the sliders to the ‘Ladybug_fly’ component and it worked fine. The time for each slider change was around 5s too. It seems the Pollination components still re-calculated.

I’m not sure if I did something wrong of the Pollination settings, here are the settings:

I also played around with the settings but the spending time was still the same.
Could somebody give me some suggestion? Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

(And I just found it’s not only Pollination components were re-computed, it was actually the whole sctipt was re-computed when Colibri changing connected sliders everytime.

Hi @adaaaaam,

This is expected. When you connect the index slider it triggers downloading the study and the results from Pollination which will take longer than when you don’t.

I’m not sure about this one. One thing that I can see is that in your settings the Check Study Status is non-blocking. You want to ensure it blocks the script when you are using fly or colibri.


We have added a visual indication to the component in the newer releases to help the users review the definition visually.

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