Model Editor - Validation Error


I completed a model using the editor, it validated inside the editor, but when I brought it into to Rhino the model had errors. Also, the solve adjacencies did not properly solve inside the model editor.

Here is the hbjson for reference: (37.2 KB)

Is it possible to view the boundary conditions of the walls inside the model editor?

Thank you for sharing the output HBJSON file. Can you also share the input DFJSON file so we can try to recreate the issue on our end. You can export the model as a DFJSON using the right bottom menu. Click on the Pollination logo and then go to File > Save as....


You can use the 3D Preview to check the interior walls after removing walls and other layers from the preview.

@smarentette, I had a quick look and I wonder if you had intersect set to true?


The errors that I can see are the result of not intersecting the faces.

@chriswmackey, should these cases raise validation error in Model Editor too? Or is it something that we can only catch in the HBJSON model?

Here is the dfjson: (14.8 KB)

I think I did have that setting on. What is the purpose of it?

Thank you for uploading the DFJSON model. After solving the adjacencies with the intersect option the result is a valid model.

There are few tolerance issues in shade faces but they get fixed automatically during the import to Rhino. Here is the HBJSON file that is exported from the model editor after selecting all the rooms and running these commands:

  1. Join co-planar faces
  2. Reset adjacencies
  3. Solve adjacencies

Model 1.hbjson (726.7 KB)

Yea, we can add an extra check for this. Right now, we only check for cases of Missing Adjacencies in Dragonfly and not whether those Adjacencies have matching areas. But the areas are important too.

I’ll put it on my agenda and get to it eventually.

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