Model internalization issues

Hi! So I know that I am not using the PO model compo for this: as I am trying to send a model to a colleague who does not have PO plugin:
And this is kind of more-so a question than anything else but:

it appears that internalizing the model in non-po model compo (Gh Data compo) does not hold the model after save/reload

Knowing there are other workarounds:

export HBJSON / load in HBJSON

generally curious as to why these objs don’t like to be internalized?

@antonellodinunzio can provide a more in-detail answer but in short you need to have the Pollination plugins to be able to de-serialize the internalized data.

One alternative solution is to save the file as hbjson and reload it using the Honeybee Grasshopper component instead of using the Pollination components directly.

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