Model Link for Energy Simuulation

  1. How can I Get the Run Energy simulation button at the bottom of the pollination panel in rhino ?

  2. Additionally when I try to run the Simulation using PO_Run Simulation, the model is not prelinked. How should I attach the model

Snip shots of the Rhino interface:

Hi @upawarcannon,

The reason that the model is not linked is that you have selected the dragonfly-annual-energy-use recipe instead of the annual-energy-use recipe.

The reason that you don’t see the button is that we are retiring that workflow. Try using the panel instead. You can find the view tutorial here:

Thank you for your response.

I tried following along the video you sent to run a test daylight simulation. However I do not get the required or any other recipe in the drop down menu. It indicates that there are no matching items. Kindly advise on how to load the recipes for the study - I am trying to run an energy analysis

Hi, @upawarcannon - Did you go to project settings and add the recipe to the project? This is most likely because the recipe is not added to the project yet.

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Hey Chris! Can you check this case and see what might be going on? You can download the input model from Pollination.