Model too big to preview

The hbjson model size for a job i sent is too big (32 Mb). The pollination site says that it is too big to preview.
This is not so critical right now, but could be in the future.
What are the options?
This is the link for the model.


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Hi @ayezioro,

We are in the process of replacing the current viewer which has limitations on what it can preview with a better viewer. @ngimbal is working on the first iteration of the new viewer as we speak!

Meanwhile, you can use honeybee-vtk library to view your HBJSON models. It’s not the most convenient way but it should work.

If you don’t have honeybee-vtk you have to install it first:

pip install honeybee-vtk -U

Then run this command.

honeybee-vtk translate ModelRadiationTest_Outdoors.hbjson --show

And you will see this:

The command has more options but with the default settings it creates an HTML file which includes the geometry and the viewer itself. --show tells the command to open the HTML file once it is created. Here is the HTML file for your model. I zipped it to be able to upload it to Discourse. (2.3 MB)

We should consider providing a more convenient option while working on the new version of the viewer. :expressionless:


Thanks @mostapha!
Managed to install and visualize as you suggested.
Rely on your new alternatives, whenever they are ready.


Hi @ayezioro, just a quick update/teaser that we have the viewer up and running on the staging. We should be able to push it to production by early next week at the latest! Here is a large sample model that loads in a couple of seconds.

We will keep you posted!


Hi @ayezioro! The feature that @mostapha has been teasing just went live! You should be able to view hbjson files of any size. Depending on the size of your file it might take up to ~20 seconds for it to load, but then you should be good to go!

If you haven’t refreshed in a little while you might need to refresh your browser for the changes to take effect.

Let us know how it goes and any issues you encounter!


Hi @nicolas,
I don’t know if it is related to my internet connection at home, but the link i posted at the top is spinning more than 15 minutes now and nothing is coming up.
I tried with a small model (2K) and it took like 5 seconds to show.
I’ll try again later on or net week at my university to see if the internet connection makes a difference.
Question: Is the model json file supposed to be downloaded to my local computer for this task? If so, where to look for it?

Hi @ayezioro,

You can right click it to download the file:

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Hi @mingbo ,
My question was more related to the process that happens when you ask to show the model online.
I know i can download the model manually but it won’t solve the display …

To keep reporting, i tried the model in this link.
What i get on screen is this message:

File of size 32.11 MB and type hbjson cannot be previewed

Tried another model (smaller) and it showed really quick.


Hi @ayezioro I have no issue with opening your link (it takes about 20s):

Hi @ayezioro, looks like you’re still using the older version of the app. Can you hard refresh the page in your browser and try again?

The model doesn’t get downloaded on your machine. It goes to Pollination server and once the translation is done the model is pushed back to the browser for visualization.

Hi @mostapha,
Not sure this is the case.
See this:

The upper image shows one of the examples from the new viewer post. Its size is small and it shows quickly. The second one, from the same source, is bigger but it’s been a few minutes, and it is spinning. I see the interface window is the new one.
I don’t know what and why it can be. Maybe my internet at home, so i’ll wait to be at the university to check again.
p.s. The second example just showed.

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You are right @ayezioro! You are using the latest version but I think for the larger models the data transfer takes longer and it will be slow on a slower internet connection. @nicolas has some plans to make this waiting time more interesting and communicative so you can see if the work is happening or the process has been canceled/failed.


Just want to report that the model shows when connected at my university. It took almost 2 minutes to show, but … it shows. Finally.
Thanks for the help and support.

Great that it works but we should investigate the delay at some point and improve the experience for loading this file if possible.