Modelling aperture shade and tilt


I’m trying to model in Rhino Plugin a vertical exterior curtain (or vertical wooden panel) to shade a window.

When adding an aperture shade as a louver, I was trying to get a 90degree tilt but I don’t get the correct rotation. It seems that the plane is not set from the aperture itself.

Do you know what would be best way for me to model that?

@olivierdambron - thank you for reporting this issue. Appreciate you taking the time to document them with clear videos. @mingbo is traveling this week but he should be able to help when he comes back next week. Cheers!

Hi @olivierdambron

This command is basically using the same code from “HB Louver Shades” component. @antonellodinunzio can correct me if I am wrong. So the angle input is the same as the one from this component. But I can confirm that 90 degrees don’t work correctly. I think I will rewrite this command as this was one of the first commands that we added while we are figuring out a lot of workflows.
I will keep you posted once I have it updated.

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Hi @olivierdambron, in the new version of the Rhino plugin, this issue has been fixed. Please take a look and let me know if it works as expected.

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