Moving the select shades step after the step for selecting the rooms

Hi mostapha.
Could I add to this request?

Would it be possible to change possitions in the workflow so that you choose shading objects AFTER choosing the desired zones/geometry? We find it more intuitive and easier to select shading objects when you know what zones you’re exporting :wink: Especially on large models where you want to be sure not to add too many elements which could make a model unnecessarily heavy.

Hi, @labrosse - Thank you for the suggestion. This one can be tricky. First, and just to make sure, are you aware of the toggle in step 5 to show the context next to the rooms?


Now, about your suggestion. We can technically do it but that means you will not be able to see the context next to the rooms when parsing the rooms. It is a chicken or egg problem. Do you still think moving the context after the rooms will be the better option?

@amirtabadkani, I see that you have voted up this suggestion. Do you have the same reasons as @labrosse for making this change?

@mostapha, Yes, I think having the shade selection after translating the needed zones makes it easier… sometimes I dont want to translate all the zones in the project (like separating the upper office levels from retail lower levels) and having this step after previewing my desired zones makes it easier for selection… I hope this is what @labrosse has in mind …

No, I actually hadn’t seen that function. But still, I agree with @amirtabadkani. I thinking of the exact same scenario. That being said, this is a nice to have, definitely not a need to have :wink:

@ksobon, what do you think about this? I think it is a valid point. If we want to implement it, we need to:

  1. Remove the current button for show/hide context from the room manager step.
  2. Bring the context step after the room manager.
  3. Add a new button to shade step to also show the rooms.
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Sounds good to me. I don’t mind doing that.

This should be fixed now. I just pushed a PR so once it makes its way through the system, we should be good to go.

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