Mute license warning popup when opening Rhino

Our IT department uses Software Center to offer firm-wide software installs and we were discussing what would be required to maintain for Ladybug Tools/Pollination GH/Pollination Rhino/Pollination Revit…

What I’m thinking is to only offer/maintain two installers: Pollination Rhino + Pollination Revit

My question: If we only offer the Pollination Rhino installer for anyone looking to access any mixture of the following: Ladybug Tools/Pollination GH/Pollination Rhino, but they are not added to our rhino organizational license pool, will they be bombarded every single time rhino opens for a pollinationRH license (equating this to a non-solution, in my opinion)? Or will it ask once and forget about it until they try to access the rhino pollination plugin features?

Hi @jakechevriersg! Thank you for documenting the issue. It is a valid case.

Unfortunately, the user will get one pop-up message every time that they open Rhino. This is because we load the DLL during the Rhino start up to remove the issues with loading the libraries. It used to be the other way around and we would only try to load the DLLs when user was trying to use the Rhino plugin.

That said, we should be able to add an option not to show the pop-up after the first time if the user selects a do not show me again option.

What are your thoughts on this, @mingbo?

P.S. Mingbo will be on vacation this week. It might take some time before he can respond.

I think there are other tools just print error messages from license checks, instead of a popup dialog. This might be a good solution to this situation.

Thank you, @mingbo!

@jakechevriersg, if you use version 1.24.2 or higher it should work as @mingbo explained above. No popup and just a text message that the user can ignore.

If the user runs any Pollination Rhino commands, they get an error message, and the License Manager UI pops up! This should give you what you need.