New User Problems - verification email and install

Hi Pollination team,

I’m trying to set up the whole Ladybug Tools suite for a colleague, using the Grasshopper Pollination installer.

First problem we encountered is that she hasn’t received a verification email yet - her email is Any ideas why she wouldn’t have got it yet? We signed up a few hours ago so will keep checking inbox and junk.

To get around that I downloaded the installer and sent it to her, which our IT team then remote desktoped in to input admin rights to install on her machine. The install seemed to complete fine but on opening Grasshopper we got this message:

LBT Plugin: System.ArgumentException: , System.ArgumentException: The path is not of a legal form.
at System.IO.Path.LegacyNormalizePath(String path, Boolean fullCheck, Int32 maxPathLength, Boolean expandShortPaths)
at System.IO.Path.InternalGetDirectoryName(String path)
at Ladybug.FolderHelper.GetPluginPackageRoot()
at Ladybug.FolderHelper.GetPluginPackageRoot()
at Ladybug.FolderHelper.get_PluginPackageRoot()
at Ladybug.GH.Loader.Ladybug_LoaderInfo.LoadGrasshopperComponents()
at Ladybug.GH.Loader.Ladybug_LoaderInfo…ctor()

When grasshopper opened we were missing all the LBT components (the Ladybug and Honeybee ribbons here are from when she installed a legacy version a while ago)

Any thoughts on what’s gone wrong with this install?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @charliebrooker!

From my end, everything looks normal. Did she check the Spam folder? The email might have ended up there. I can also delete the current account so she can try to create a new one.

This is strange because it has also failed to install the Pollination Grasshopper components. @mingbo, do you know what might be going on?

UPDATE: I tested the latest installer and everything worked as expected. @charliebrooker, can you check the %appdata%\Pollination\logs folder and see if there is any logs file for Grasshopper? The filename pattern is logs.pollination.GH{date}.txt.

Ok, this same issue has been reported by two users now Installation problem: rhino6 does not recognize the Ladybug path - #4 by mingbo.

Hi @charliebrooker, can you try to follow steps below to see if you can get a more detailed error message?

Hey Mostapha, Mingbo,

Sorry I didn’t spot the other related thread before posting.

Email wise - we’ve checked inbox, spam, and deleted with no luck. Please could you try deleting her account so we can create a new one?

Please could you also confirm the address the confirmation will come from? I’ll check that our IT systems aren’t blocking it for any reason.

Installation wise - %appdata%\Pollination doesn’t exist for her (or for me either, and I think I’ve got pollination correctly installed).

Changing the “Ladybug.RH.Loader.rhp” file requires admin rights, so we’re currently trying to get IT to assign her an admin account to try that - will report back when we do.

Thanks for looking at this for us!


Hi @charliebrooker, Sorry for all the issues.

I just deleted her account so she can try again.

The email comes from which is the default email.

Sounds good! Feel free to put them in touch with us if needed. We have helped a few other large offices with the installation issue. We made a few changes to the installer to make it IT-friendly but it turns out that every office has its own security policy, etc.

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No problem, thanks for your help!

I asked another colleague to sign up, Rahul Grover, and he’s also had the same issue with not receiving the verification email so I’m guessing our IT systems are blocking that address for some strange reason.

I’ve raised it with them and pointed them to this thread, but their response time is relatively slow so we haven’t heard back from the yet. I will keep you updated when we find out more.

Thanks again!

Hi @charliebrooker,
I have some updates for you. But not sure if this is too late. Here is the solution: you can use the rhino command: GrasshopperDeveloperSettings and uncheck the “Memory Load …” option.

Hi @mingbo,

This is very useful, I probably won’t have a chance to check it out soon - but I’m pushing our IT department to support the Pollination Grasshopper Plugin more formally (adding it as an approved software, making it accessible for install through our company software portal), so anything that helps reduce teething problems sounds great.

I’ve pointed our IT team to this thread so good to continue the conversation.


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For anyone who uses the newer version, the issue has been addressed and this GrasshopperDeveloperSettings won’t be required to do anymore.

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Thanks @mingbo.

Just as an update our company is now formally supporting the grasshopper pollination plugin, it’s available to everyone in our “Software Centre”. It’s been a real game changer in getting people more involved in using LBT.

I need to touch base again on setting up a Pollination demo, I’m thinking some time in late September when there will be less people on leave.