No outputs from UDI_low and UDI_up

Not sure if this is an error or I’m missing something, but for an annual daylighting simulation I need the UDI_low and UDI_up outputs and they are empty. It’s strange because the results seem to be in the results directory when I look for them:

Here is the job, I believe it’s public? CLOUD:max/demo/1bebafed-2460-4fd4-9007-aa8332d1a13c

Hi @Max, have you tried the other output?

Works on my side with no issues.

I hope this is not the project that needed the Green Star metric! Still waiting to get a chance to do it. :expressionless:

Hi @Mostapha, yes I had tried that output and it was empty, but now that I’ve reopened the definition it works for some reason.

Yes it is the Green Star project :wink: It’s still early stages so at the moment this LOD suffices but soon I’ll need to get more specific. For that I’ve got my Python script but like I said it’s slow, so it would be really fantastic to have a recipe take care of that in future!

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Now that @chris is in charge it will be done in a couple of days! :slight_smile:

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This is probably because you were using the last stable release of the LBT plugin, which had a bug related to this. Upgrading to the latest development version of the plugin (via the LB Versioner) should address this.