Non-closed geometry with 0 naked edges and 0 non-manifold edges

Sooo sometimes:

is not closed to within 1e-05 tolerance and 0.1 angle tolerance.
  0 naked edges found
  0 non-manifold edges found

for instance, Edge Tools, various means of rectification, nothing seems to really return what explicitly the issue is, all other indications are that the geom is closed and otherwise good to go.

Is there any means of pinpointing the issue? none of the other means seem to return any issue.

Something like ‘highlight edge, polyface, etc’ that is at an ‘in between’ angle or the likes

This might be a bug in our check. If it gives you an error for naked edges or non-manifold ones then there are ways to do it but if there is none then I don’t know. Can you share this model to recreate the issue? Also, the 1e-05 looks like a very small number for tolerance. Have you tried with a larger number?

What do you think about this @chriswmackey?

Hi @tfedyna @mostapha
it sounds pretty much like close to this one

Actually thought it has disappeared with some update.
Can’t really say how it went away. Update or remodel?
Haven’t had this issue since

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I will definitely share the model soon: I saved out the model, saved another; am using 0.001: and having much better results!


I just pushed a fix for the other issue that @martin6 linked to. Once you have the model @tfedyna , I would be interested in seeing if this also fixes your case.