"North" Input for Annual Energy Use Recipe?

Hi all,

How can I specify the North direction for the Annual Energy Recipe?

Hi @Max,

You can use HB Simulation Parameter component to do that.

Hi @devang, where do I plug it in though?

Aah. I forgot. You need to use the custom energy simulation recipe for that.


Ah I see. Is there a reason why the annual-energy-use recipe doesn’t have this input? If so, shouldn’t it have a north input?

In case this is not implemented i would use the add_str input to set the north.

Hi @ayezioro, the annual-energy-use recipe does not have an add_str_ input (see above)

Yes @Max !!
You are right. I was looking at the custoem-energy-sim when i wrote thinking is the other one.

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Yea, maybe I’ll just remove the annual-energy-use recipe and integrate its eui-calculating functionality into the custom-energy-sim instead of trying to implement all of the custom-energy-sim features into annual-energy-use. I’m just realizing how much work it is to maintain several similar recipes. In any case, you can run the same exact same EnergyPlus simulation with custom-energy-sim as you could with annual-energy-use. So my recommendation is just to use custom-energy-sim for now.

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