Not able to visualise the model in step 5 of revit plugin

Hi, I am trying to create a enrgy model for a small residence, But i am not able to create anything on step 5 of revit plugin and crashes after 3 attempts . I am attaching the file for reference. (7.3 MB)

I faced a similar issue couple of times with the latest Pollination Revit version where it doesn’t load the rooms in steps 4 and 5, and after a few times of Pollination resetting, it worked!


Yes @amirtabadkani . It used to work for me that way for sometime but the main issue is its crashing Revit.

Hi @asisnath - I’ll try to check your model tomorrow. But based on the screenshot it looks like the plugin is having issues with parsing Bedroom 13. Have you tried to remove Bedroom 13 from the selection and see if that resolves the problem?

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Hi @Mostapha. Yes i tried with a single room too, but still unable to process forward.

Hi @asisnath - Thank you for uploading the model.

From what I can see everything works fine when I use the At Wall Center or At Wall Finish options.

I can recreate the error using the other two options for Wall Core. Is there a reason that you are using those options?


I have been thinking of removing them since the Wall Finish and Wall Center options cover most cases I’m aware of. Now that we have them we have to maintain them. What is your use case here?

Thanks @mostapha for the test. I didnt try other options as you did.

As far as I belive, in energy plus simulations for outer wall we consider outer surface to be the wall line and for partition wall we consider the centre line. So I was thinking if we are considering every wall centre will that be accurate enough for code complinaces?

The image you shared above have gaps between walls, how can we remove that?

This can be different depending on who you talk to. If you want that option, you can choose the center of the wall and draw alignment lines at the exterior wall.

Those are happening because you have several separation lines in your model. If you remove the separation lines then the room boundaries will move to the center of the wall. (7.3 MB)

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Thanks again. I will try this now.

Mostapha I still not able to move the room edge adjoining external wall with alignment line. Can you pls help me out on how to model with exterior wall outer edge.

Can you share your Revit model with alignment lines? I can take a look at your model.

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@mostapha sent in PM.

Thank you, @asisnath! I ended up recording a video. Here you go!

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@mostapha Core options should be removed in the next release. They are not valid. It was was a bug.

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