Nothing is selected in OrphanObjManager!

After work creating Construction Sets I switched on some layers.
When I tried to select geometry (Rooms or Faces) in Rhino to Edit, this message came up.

After searching and selecting the element in the list, things are different

Then it’s available also out of Rhino

Also, when the Orphaned Object Manager is open I cannot select a room and Edit it right away.

No Shade was selected!
Is the reply by Rhino

I have to switch back to the Room Manager before it works again.

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I have noticed a similar behavior. I feel this is happening because the selection is only a change in the UI and it doesn’t really select the object in Rhino. I mentioned it before but I was waiting for a user to notice the same issue to ensure it is a problem for our users. Thank you for doing that @martin6!

@mingbo, do you know if there can be a quick fix for this behavior? Basically we need the selection from the UI to trigger the selection in Rhino.

Hi @martin6, there is a new developer’s version 1.124.2 that includes the updates for addressing OrphanedObjManager’s selection sync issue. Please let me know if they work as expected.

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