Offline license for pollination plugin?

Hi @mostapha ,

looking forward to a presentation abroad I have a question.
Hope I didn’t observe this wrong. Is it right that I can use the plugin only with a present internet connection?
What happens if I can’t provide such a connection. Am I unable to show features or react to questions in a live presentation?

There is a grace period from the time that you disconnect from the Internet and the license stops working. @mingbo should confirm but I believe it is set to 24 hours. This means if you log in before disconnecting from the Internet the plugin should work for 24 hours before it gives you an error for an expired license.

In this case I vote for an extension of that period.

Also since offline means you can’t use the online part of Pollination you may be able to extend that period.
Rhino is handling it the same way. Perhaps you take the same period?

Rhino licenses are perpetual and because of that, they can be much more flexible on an extended grace period. Our licenses are subscription-based. That makes it harder for us to offer a long grace period! :upside_down_face: What is the grace period that you have in mind?

@mostapha I think in general 3 days should do it.
That’s time for sleep/travel and sufficient space for action.

But that’s just me in my usual environment. Maybe it’ makes sense to have a poll?

If I think further about being a “digital nomad” some day, for instance in a country like India, then it might be useful to have an ability to book offline time within the period of my subscription?