Older version of pollination installer

Hi Pollination team,

I have a question, are the older versions of the pollination installer also available for download? The reason is as I have said in this post since I have updated to the new version I can not use my old code to run a simulation for a older project? So I am trying to downgrade my system to match the version that I made my code with


Hi @hshahriari,

I can share the older version of the installer with you if you know that exact version, but I prefer helping you to resolve the issue by updating to the latest version.

cc: @chriswmackey, and @mingbo

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Hi @mostapha

Thanks so much for looking into it. It was working for me when I was using LBT 1.7.26. I also double-checked with a colleague’s laptop who is still using the older version and it works with the older version.

Thank you, @hshahriari! I wasn’t able to find that version of the installer. Can you right-click on the Pollination component on that machine so that everything works and give me the version for the Pollination installer as opposed to the LBT installer?


That should make it easier for me to find the older version of the installer.

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Hi @hshahriari ,

I am really sorry that I did not see your post on the LBT forum a month ago. You had found a bug in the most recent version and you can see over there that I just pushed a fix for it:

We could go through the whole process of getting you the older installer but, at this point, it may just be easier for you to update to the latest. I suggested a workflow over on the LBT forum with the LB Versioner component, which would enable you to get the fix now if you have admin rights to your machine. If not, we can get you an updated installer as soon as we have it built.


@hshahriari, we have a new release of the Rhino and Grasshopper plugins (v1.48.20) that should include the fix. You can download them from Pollination. Let us know if it didn’t solve the issue.

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Hi @mostapha and @chriswmackey

Thank you both so much for your help! I tested the solution and everything is working perfectly now.

Chris, thanks for fixing the bug so quickly. Mostapha, I appreciate your guidance and support.

Really grateful for your assistance!