OpenStudio report with correct zone names

Hi all @chriswmackey @mostapha. If I use annual energy use component/recipe on pollination web I can generate OS output report with correct room names. If i use custom energy recipe and use a openstudio measure to give OS report, will it display zone names correctly in like the other recipe ?

Hey @asisnath ,

The display names that you are assigning in the Rhino plugin are always stored under the ModelObject.displayName property in the OSM. Conversely, the unique identifier of the honeybee object is stored under the in the OSM. This way, the resulting IDF will identify honeybee objects using this unique identifier instead of your display name, which can have non-ascii characters and might not be unique across the model (both of which would cause an E+ simulation failure). We tweaked the OpenStudio Results measure that runs within the annual-energy-use recipe to write the displayName into the HTML report instead of the name. So that’s why you are able to see the display names in the output report when running the annual-energy-use recipe.

Long story short, a reporting measure is only going to be able to write display names into its output visualizations if the measure has been written to use the displayName instead of the name. I would guess that practically no other OpenStudio reporting measures are set up this way right now but NREL just made the displayName an officially supported property in the OSM schema so maybe we could see more measures using displayName in the future.

For now, if you want to run the OpenStudio Results measure that has been tweaked to use the displayName, make sure you are using the copy of the measure that lives in:


None of the versions of the measure that you download from the BCL will be using the displayName right now.

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@chriswmackey is this location:
Still valid?

I don’t see a ladybug_tools folder in C:\Users[USERNAME]

Hi @jankikarmacolab, The measure is now located at C:\Program Files\ladybug_tools\resources\measures\openstudio_results.

The optimal solution is to use PO_ResetIdentifier and then set ID to ByDisplayNames before exporting to OpenStudio.