Option for selecting 'groups' when doing PO Add aperature:: Select Geometry

Just a thought:
perhaps a means to toggle “select surfaces or surface groups” on the “select geometry” when adding apertures?
Both the current scheme, AND the possibility of selecting grouped geometry, I’d personally have use for.
Either way! suuuuper tiny little thing, and just a thought!!

Hi @tfedyna, Thank you for sharing this. To ensure I understand this correctly, do you want groups to be added to the geometry filter when creating apertures from geometry?

That sounds like the correct combination of words for what I was attempting to describe :sweat_smile:.
an option to “include, or exclude” groups from the geom filter would be super legit

Hi @tfedyna

Thanks for your suggestion.
Done! It will be in the next release later today!

It will work for an individual or grouped geometries. This is also supported in PO_AddDoors, PO_AddBuildingShades.

Thanks again.


awesome!! thanks Mingbo!