Organization team quota has been exceeded

Hi guys, just tried to add a 6th team to our org and got this error:

Is this a limitation that just exists for the time where Pollination is public?

Hi @Max :wave: ,

Yes we have set some arbitrary limits for the time being while we’re in public beta. We are planning some work to expose these quotas and current usage to end users through the webapp.

Here are the limits we are working with for now:

Quota Allowance
Private Projects 10
Org Members 20
Org Teams 5

I think we are happy to change these on a case by case basis. If you want to increase your quota please get in touch with @mostapha and he can give us the green light to update the backend with your new allowances. :raised_hands:

Hi @Max! Am I understanding correctly that you will need more teams in this case? If yes, how many of them do you think you will need? Are you following a one team per project pattern?

As @antoinedao said we can increase the quota based on your feedback.

Hi @mostapha, yes I’ve followed the 1 team per project case, and I recognise that this is not really necessary. I might just create a “General” team with all org members for projects that aren’t sensitive, and only add extra teams for specific cases. That way, I don’t think we will exceed 5 teams before October, so don’t stress about increasing our quota.

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