Parametric run: Solution Exception:GetDataList error with <Check Job Status> function


In running my first test of the pollination app facilitating parametric studies I have found:

  1. each of 9 runs is super fast!
  2. the online check of the record of progress is excellent
  3. I am struggling to read the data with an error message that references something I cannot find as a documented error, except for an old Grasshopper forum note: GetData() can only be called on a parameter with access set to GH_ParamAccess.item - Grasshopper

I am guessing I have some setup parameter not optimal, but cannot figure out where.


Hi @the_donn,

Can you try after updating your installation and replacing the components with the latest version? I can access the runs from my side with no issues.


I should have gone with the gut feeling 77.1 version installer, instead of the rational brain suggesting that I should use the one with the more recent date. It will be the unzip software I used, I guess.

On that topic, I have literally replaced manually every pollinate object with its tool bar equivalent, but I see no difference when I do so of what has changed - I am soo used to your version numbers that I notice their absence.

Thank you.