ParaView navigation

This is really exciting stuff guys, can’t wait to get my hands dirty!

A comment regarding the web viewer - I see it’s based on ParaView which has a navigation method that I’ve battled with in the past, which is that the Z-direction of the viewport camera keeps tilting when you orbit. I can see how this might be beneficial for other disciplines, but for architectural applications I find it incredibly frustrating; I’m constantly having to adjust the tilt using Shift + R-Click.

Am I missing an option that allows me to orbit like in Rhino?

Hi @Max, Thank you for the feedback. These sort of feedback is exactly what we are looking for.

I hear you and I agree that it’s not the best. I have to re-center the view every now and then. The good news is that we are in touch with their development team and this is something that we can bring up as a feature. The viewer is super resourceful and we couldn’t really ignore the great functionalities that it offers.



If your Z axis gets too weird, then pan the mouse around in circles

in the desktop version of paraview you can hold Z button while panning to rotate


@Sonderwoods interesting, that doesn’t work for me in the webviewer. If I try it in Paraview, holding Z doesn’t allow me to move up and down, but only to circulate on a single path around the object.