Parsing curtain walls with embdded shade geometry

Talking about curtain wall systems in Revit, I would add another issue although it might deserve a separate topic. In this example, it is a curtain wall in which the glass is separated by vertical fins, but the whole package defined as a curtain wall in the Revit. When we import such systems, Pollination exports the attached vertical fins as windows, and I have to delete them manually in Rhino (like the ones I did for upper levels in the image) or IES and also, I need to select the other edges as shades manually.


Hi @amirtabadkani, This is an interesting one! A simple sample file will help us to be able to reproduce this case and provide better help.

Meanwhile, Pollination provides a dropdown for curtain walls with different materials. This feature allows you to define which part of the curtain wall is aperture/glass and which part is solid. Did you try that for this case? Here is an example:

The dropdown will only show up for the curtain walls with more than one material.

Hi @mostapha,

I dont have such dropdown menu to select. I ll message you the updated Revit model.

@amirtabadkani I had a look at that model, and it appears fine to me. I did some small cleanup of the floors to make sure that each floor extends to the middle of the wall, so that we don’t get walls overshooting the floor, but other than that, it was a pretty clean model. Here’s a result for the floor 04 that I am getting:

One thing that I did notice, and it might be a bug in how our preview window displays geometry, was that it looks like some of these curtain walls had flickering apertures/walls. Just like the image you showed above. Again, this might just be a bug in a preview window, because model exported properly, and I was able to get it cleanly into Rhino. Rhino seems to be doing a better job when booleaning apertures from walls, and preventing flickering.

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Hi @ksobon,

It looks superb! can you please share the modified Revit model through DM?


Shared a link via DM.

Just to chime in here. @mostapha shows an additional dropdown menu for some of the Curtain Wall panels but they will only appear in Curtain Wall Panels that have multiple materials in them. If you have Panels that have a single material there is no option to select Apertures by material. Just FYI why there are additional dropdowns in some places.