Pdf embedable 3d model viewer?

I learned this was a thing today:
@mostapha I know 0 about this this is all new to me, is there a way we can use the streamlit viewer or similar to embed in a pdf?
If not:
I would be happy to assist (likely mostly morale support for this :rofl:) in trying to make somthing like this specifically for Pollination :smiley:

I know how to do the ‘portable html’ file viewer, but I feel like this would be a good ‘old and new’ reporting blend?
(I know some folks I contract with would be jazzed)

That’s all! Thought and question combo!

going to look into <iframe/>ing in some of the existing viewers into markdown and see what happens


Hi @tfedyna - looks interesting!

If it’s helpful, here’s the html file that works as the standalone viewer. This is updated when we release a new version of the viewer so it should be pretty up to date.

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