Pip install honeybee-vtk... install error

Hi I’m trying to convert a honeybee model to vtk to visualize in an app…

I’m attempting to follow the example below… but when trying to install honeybee-vtk i get the following… Any insights would be appreciated! Thanks

Hi, @jakechevriersg - can you try to change the version of vtk to 9.0.1? You might have a newer version.

Try pip install vtk==9.1.0 first, and they try to install honeybee-vtk afterward.


Oops! My bad! It should be 9.1.0. Try this! :point_down:

pip install vtk==9.1.0


looks like latest version is 9.2.2… am i trying to downgrade vtk to be compatible with honeybee?

appreciate your help! i already feel out of my depth haha

The version 9.1.0 is available. What is the version of Python that you are using? You can use the python --version command to figure it out. I wonder if you are using a newer version of Python that is not compatible with version 9.1.0. In that case, I suggest downgrading to Python 3.7.9.

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got it, thats it… i have python 3.10.7 installed… hmm wondering how much chaos this will cause to downgrade :anguished:

oh dude use a virtual environment!

you can make a mini python from the big python of whatever version you need if you have odd version stuff.

Then you don’t have to stress about the chaos!

python -m venv .portableshenanigans
pip install -r some_of_the_quest_items_for_later_some_you_have_to_make.txt

10/10 voting 3.10.7 is the issue, you gotta do over or under that one 3.1 was bad soup for the bugs

LMK if you are still having issues I have some time

I vote 3.7 being a solution too, 3.10 was an odd batch imo

awesome, this will be my homework assignment this weekend: learn about virtual environments… this is what i get for learning (or not learning) from completely random resources :wink:

thank you both for the suggestions!

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I wanted to suggest using devcontainer in vscode but I thought it might put you in a yak shaving situation. It is great for development after you set it up correctly the first time!

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@jakechevriersg you can probably skip what I said this seems like a better use of your time

One last comment! You can have multiple versions of Python installed on your machine. You don’t need to uninstall the current version.

Hi, @jakechevriersg - where did you get with this? Were you able to sort it out?

thank you @tfedyna & @mostapha for the replies and patience you both offer to newbies. I’ve been busy with other projects, but I finally got through some layers of yak hair, and now have some new rookie questions…

  1. do you suggest using “Python 3” devcontainer w/ Python 3.7? any additional features?
  2. would I run the pollination-apps new command inside the newly created devcontainer? or is this redundant?


Hi, @jakechevriersg - Glad to see you are back to developing apps.

You probably want to use pollination-apps and pollination-streamlit in the container.

Once you open the folder in the dev-container you need to run this command to create the folder structure for the app. These are two different steps. Use the VSCode embedded terminal so the command runs in the same environment.

Hey team, we’ve also been trying to play around with the code and hitting the same issues as @jakechevriersg. Any tips for us newbies on understanding versioning?

I’m getting a bit confused as to what version of python is compatible with vtk 9.1.0 (and how to find that out?). Is there a specific version of python you use for LBT and Pollination dev @mostapha?

Setting up a venv for 3.7.9 and vtk 9.1.0 was successful once we’d got our heads a bit more around python interpreters and terminals in VS Code.

What’s the best way to install all of the LBT methods needed for a certain script?

This is the latest error we’re hitting

Should I be downgrading lbt-ladybug to be compatible with lbt-honeybee?
It’s not something I was expecting to come across, but probably just my lack of python knowledge

Sorry for the stream of messages. I think I had clogged up my venv installing honeybee in various ways.

Deleting that venv and starting again installing ladybug and honeybee via

python -m pip install -U lbt-honeybee
python -m pip install -U lbt-ladybug
python -m pip install honeybee-vtk

Still not sure what python -m does, but just trying to follow the VS Code tutorials

It was then very easy to create a html file of a simple model.

Thanks for these amazing tools Pollination team!

Hi @charliebrooker - Unfortunately, there is no official compatible release of VTK for Python 3.10.

For now, we have to stay on Python 3.7 until they make the move.

It should also be very easy to make an HTML file of a larger model as long as it is a valid model! It’s the same command! :grin:

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