Pip install honeybee-vtk... install error

Hi I’m trying to convert a honeybee model to vtk to visualize in an app…

I’m attempting to follow the example below… but when trying to install honeybee-vtk i get the following… Any insights would be appreciated! Thanks

Hi, @jakechevriersg - can you try to change the version of vtk to 9.0.1? You might have a newer version.

Try pip install vtk==9.1.0 first, and they try to install honeybee-vtk afterward.


Oops! My bad! It should be 9.1.0. Try this! :point_down:

pip install vtk==9.1.0


looks like latest version is 9.2.2… am i trying to downgrade vtk to be compatible with honeybee?

appreciate your help! i already feel out of my depth haha

The version 9.1.0 is available. What is the version of Python that you are using? You can use the python --version command to figure it out. I wonder if you are using a newer version of Python that is not compatible with version 9.1.0. In that case, I suggest downgrading to Python 3.7.9.

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got it, thats it… i have python 3.10.7 installed… hmm wondering how much chaos this will cause to downgrade :anguished:

oh dude use a virtual environment!

you can make a mini python from the big python of whatever version you need if you have odd version stuff.

Then you don’t have to stress about the chaos!

python -m venv .portableshenanigans
pip install -r some_of_the_quest_items_for_later_some_you_have_to_make.txt

10/10 voting 3.10.7 is the issue, you gotta do over or under that one 3.1 was bad soup for the bugs

LMK if you are still having issues I have some time

I vote 3.7 being a solution too, 3.10 was an odd batch imo

awesome, this will be my homework assignment this weekend: learn about virtual environments… this is what i get for learning (or not learning) from completely random resources :wink:

thank you both for the suggestions!

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I wanted to suggest using devcontainer in vscode but I thought it might put you in a yak shaving situation. It is great for development after you set it up correctly the first time!

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@jakechevriersg you can probably skip what I said this seems like a better use of your time

One last comment! You can have multiple versions of Python installed on your machine. You don’t need to uninstall the current version.

Hi, @jakechevriersg - where did you get with this? Were you able to sort it out?