PO_DrawRoom Suggestions

I’m really liking the PO_DrawRoom feature. I have a few suggestions that I think would improve the workflow.

  1. The PO_DrawRoom command should start drawing right away. Currently, after typing the command, the Set the elevation height and room height option comes up. It would be better to have an option that can be clicked on in the rhino command line to make these edits. As I’m currently drawing many rooms on a single floor I rarely need to make adjustments to the height and would prefer to skip this step.
  2. Click on the Add Rooms button in the Pollination frame and then Draw a Room does not bring my cursor to the Rhino command line. Instead I have to click up in the Command Line to then confirm the Set elevation I just mentioned in #1.
  3. While using the Draw tool, it should lock all drawing to a plane. I am getting a lot of non-planar warnings because I am accidentally selecting the top part of adjacent rooms. I have had to go into Perspective view to draw rooms but it would be easier to draw everything in Top view. However, in Top View I’m unable to see when the base points or the top points of adjacent rooms were selected.

Thank you for the great additions to all the plugins, they are a huge time saver.



Hi @justinshultz, Great suggestions! @mingbo will answer the hard questions.

@mingbo, I think for the first one, it might be easier to allow drawing several rooms after setting up the settings once instead of exiting the command once the door is finished. This will be similar to the PO_SplitRoom command.

Hi @justinshultz, @mingbo has implemented the first iteration for these features. You can try them if you download the latest version of the Rhino plugin (0.144.4).

Here is a video that @mingbo put together. Now you can also draw apertures on multiple faces in one go.

Let us know what you think.

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Hi @mostapha and @mingbo these features are wonderful. Thank you for the quick turnaround, they much improve my workflow.

Another suggestion, while drawing in freeform, it would be great to hit backspace to remove the last placed point. I find myself misclicking and needing to redraw the whole room instead of being able to remove the previously placed point and redraw in the correct spot.

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Hi @justinshultz,

Thank you for the suggestions and happy that the new features improve your workflow.

Try using Ctrl+Z or click on undo in the command line. That should do what you are looking for.

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