PO_Merge Room Request

Hello -
I find myself always using PO_Rebuild after PO_Merge. Would you be able to add “PO_Rebuild” as command option to PO_Merge to be performed after merge?

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I’m glad you asked, I already brought this up before but since I ask for too many nice-to-have features @mingbo said he wants to wait for a real customer to complain about this. :laughing: I almost always do the same. I think it should be an option for the merge rooms command to allow set MergePlanarFaces to Yes.


@mostapha - if you send me your “nice to have” list, I could leak it on the forum as a “real customer”. :rofl:

On the same note, should MergePlanarFaces be added as option to MoveEdge/MoveFace? I find I have to use PO_Rebuild frequently after MoveEdge when making an edge collinear with another edge of the same room.

MoveEdge and MoveFace are native Rhino commands and we can add our new options to them. As a result, we have to keep the commands separate for now.

This feature is added in version 1.11.0. Make sure to set the MergeCoplanar option to Yes.


Nice update. Thank you!

Note: We found a bug in running the command for rooms with multiple apertures. This will be fixed in the next release.