PO_SolveAdjacency Failed to intersect: Cannot Split a solid geometry

I am running the PO_SolveAdjacency command but receiving the following error message:

Failed to intersect: Cannot split a solid geometry

This error shows up 30+ times for just one space in my model. However, when I view the space colored by boundary condition everything looks okay.

I have tried PO_RebuildRoom and other checks but haven’t been able to identify a problem. I am not sure how to fix this error.

Hi @justinshultz,

This is hard to tell without seeing the model. Can you share part of the model with us to be able to recreate the issue? Are you using version 1.25.9? We just improved the solve adjacency command to use the same tolerance as the Rhino document to ensure Rhino doesn’t generate open geometry with super-tiny gaps.

Usually, this error is the result of the edges of the room slightly overlapping with the other rooms which result in line-like geometry after the intersection. Pollination avoids those cases and gives you an error message. In most cases, it can be ignored but I can’t be sure without checking the model.

I have also seen this happen when someone changes the Rhino tolerance at some point. That results in the geometry having a different tolerance than the Rhino document.

Hi Mostapha, after updating to 1.25.9 I received a more clear message. After the geometry was divided for intersections and adjacency matching it was no longer a valid geometry. Re-aligning the edges helped solved this problem. The geometry had some small edge conditions between floors.