PO_Split Room - Split Rooms with Cutting Line in Top View


I’m not finding PO_SplitRoom to be intuitive or fast, especially when working in a top view.

Is there an option to split rooms in plan/top view by just drawing cutting line and have command extend line to cutting plane in z direction through height of room? That is how I’ve seen split room work in other energy modeling software. This would also be similar to native Rhino “split” command, which does not appear to be supported by Pollination i.e. room information is lost after using split command.


@mingbo and I discussed this before. I remember Mingbo telling me that this is not an easy addition. For now, you can use the Vertical option that gets you very close but you need to be in a 3D view to fully execute it.

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@mostapha -
I want to split the outer room because it throws an intersection error in IES since there is a room nested inside of another room.

I revisited use of PO_SplitRoom, but I’m running into problems with the command.

I am using vertical option and cutting through room but I run into this error and command does not process.
Recording of error

Also, if it’s too difficult to develop command to automatically cut through height of room when applying in top view alone, could it cut to user specified height, for example, 14 ft from selected point? Then cut height would be remembered if using command multiple times on same level.

Ok @victorbrac, thanks for reporting this. I guess I can try to add an option to create an infinite vertical plane by drawing a line on the top view so that it cuts through the selected rooms. I will look into this option and get back to you later if it is feasible.

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Sounds like a promising feature and something that could be applied in a top view without having to select cutting depth in 3D. This would make the command faster to use and similar to cutting/partitioning process in IESVE.

Hi @victorbrac

In the new version, the PO_SplitRoom command supports drawing a new line or plane to cut the room.


Thank you, @mingbo! I tested the command and it is really useful and easy to use. :raised_hands:

@victorbrac, a quick comment about your video. The split command in Rhino which is the base for the PO_SplitRoom command in the Rhino plugin requires the line to go through the whole geometry. In your example, you should use the DrawPlane option in the PO_SplitRoom command. Drawing a line similar to what you are trying to do will not work since it doesn’t go through the whole geometry.

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Thanks to you both!

@mostapha - I think I understand what you mean. Given circular room geometry, I’d need to extend cutting plane through the full space. This is done automatically with “DrawPlane” option now.
From this

To this:

Hi @victorbrac,

I just finished updating the “PO_SplitRoom” to “PO_SplitRooms” command. Now it supports splitting multiple rooms together. This will be included in the new version later today.

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Looking good. Thanks @mingbo !

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