Hi all,

I’ve tried to run point in time view simulations for glare analysis, DGP. Through gh plugin. It looks that simulation is completed and should be saved, although on the cloud it says “failed”.

I 've successfully completed annual daylight studies for the same model. So it shouldn’t be geometry issue.

A question for the future, if I fix a problem, how do I review the results? Should I connect imagePath directly to results* without going through LoadAssets component, due to the different data format?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Alex,

You will need to add minimum 1 view to the model in order to run a view based recipe.

In this post Mostapha shows how one can debug their run. In your case, clicking on “create-rad-folder” node reveals the following;

Thanks @devang , although I have views

I tried connecting a view name, and without, adding * and no, single line data and multiline… nothing works.

hey @alex.bogdanova,

You need to use hb_radiance component to assign views to your model like so;

hb_radiance also has a component named “HB Get Grids and Views” which you can use to see the number of views and sensor grids attached to your model.

I was able to run your model successfully through the point-in-time recipe in 3 minutes. Please find the job here

The following are results of point-in-time luminance run on your model and the file I used to do it.
Alex.gh (46.9 KB)


Brilliant, also just noticed an updated LBT components with glare in gh!
Saves me from going back to legacy.

Thanks a lot for such a quick response @devang
and thanks the whole team for the amazing work!

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