Pollinate: One or more errors occurred

I’ve been following along with Mostapha’s YouTube tutorials.

Running this definition in Pollination worked fine yesterday, but today I’m getting this error:

PC_daylight_factor.gh (75.6 KB)

I’m logged on

I also changed the Name and Subfolder inputs in case that was overwriting anything.

Hi @Max, Overwriting shouldn’t be a problem! Is it the same file from yesterday? Does the new simulation show up on Pollination? In case the file is from yesterday try to right click and log out and then log-in back.

cc: @Mingbo

Logging out and back in worked, thanks!

Thank you for the update @Max!

@Mingbo is there a better way to catch this error and report it to the user? Why does it even try to submit the Job is the log-in has been expired?

The error message should be caught in the logs. Plugin doesn’t know when the log-in is expired as long as Rhino isn’t closed. So it only know the issue when the plugin tries to talk to the server and the server complains.

I should be able to relay the real error message to UI. Issue created: https://github.com/pollination/rhino-plugin/issues/420

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