Pollination GH plug-in not installing properly

I downloaded the plug-in from here: Pollination Grasshopper Plugin

I unblocked the zip-file, extracted the contents and ran the PollinationGHPluginInstaller-0.69.0.exe

However, when I click “Next”, it jumps straight to the last window instead of showing me the intermediate steps:

The plug-in doesn’t show up in Grasshopper, even after running the .exe as administrator and restarting Rhino and my computer.

Any ideas?

Hi @Max .which version of Rhino you are using. Have you checked this post.

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Apologies, I’d missed that other post. Simply installing Rhino 6 and rerunning the installer worked, thanks!

Thank you @Max for reporting this. We have an updated version that resolves this issue.

@Mingbo, should we push the latest version to GCP that installs both for Rhino6 and Rhino7?

I am going to do that.

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Done, installer is updated.