Pollination license is not activated

A few days ago i started to get this warning when opening Rhino.
It is something i need to do or know to solve it?
Screenshot 2022-03-29 081645


Hi @ayezioro,

This is happening because your trial/beta license has been expired. You can use the PO_LiceneManager command to retrieve a license.

If you don’t use the Rhino plugin, then you can use the Grasshopper plugin which doesn’t need license activation.

Thanks @mostapha,
Absolutely makes sense.



I have the same issue. I got the same warning. I used PO_LicenseManager command and clicked on retrieve license but it didn’t work. It says: “No valid license pool was found”
Is there anything else I should do?



Hi, @monahmi - That’s the correct message since you were not part of any license pool. I added you to the NBBJ pool for Rhino and Revit licenses. Now you should have access if you try again.

cc: @pragya-gupta

Hi @mostapha,

Awesome! It works now!

Thanks for your help.