Pollination Plugin Activation in VM

Hi there, I work in IT and I have a user getting the “Failed to activate with your license key!” Error 80 error.
“Error message: Application is being run inside a virtual machine / hypervisor, and activation has been disallowed in the VM.”
User’s account name is @upawarcannon, and another Cannon Design user says she’s been added to our license pool. Is there a way to fix this/allow this? User is in Rhino on a virtual machine,

Hi, @cbutler - That is the expected behavior. We don’t allow activation in VM by default as it has been discussed here:

I updated the CanonDesign license to allow it. Tell the users to try again now and everything should work. Let me know otherwise.

You are amazing!! @mostapha

Thank you so so so much. Apologies for the new post, didn’t know if that was best or not.

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My pleasure! Always happy to help. Let me know if there is anything else that you need our help with. Cheers!