Pollination Rhino 7 Plugin is loaded yet no commands are working


I’m using Rhino 7 and downloaded the latest Pollination RH plugin v It seems to be loaded under all plug-ins and enabled. However, when searching for commands, there is nothing there. (Except “PO_Loader” command. When I run this command, it says found following .gha files under C:\Program Files\pollination\plugin\7.0\Pollination-GH\Pollination.GH.gha. Any idea what might be causing this issue?


Hi @hlkocalioglu! Welcome to the community.

Are you sure that you have installed the Rhino plugin and not the Rhino + Grasshopper plugin? Or did you install the Grasshopper plugin after installing the one for Rhino thinking that the one for Rhino doesn’t include the Grasshopper plugin?

Try to install the one for Rhino and it should fix the problem. The Rhino plugin also installs the Grasshopper plugin for you.


Hi, @hlkocalioglu! I’m going to mark my reply as the answer for now. Let us know if the issue was something else.

To clarify this we will:

  • Update the pricing page to say Rhino + Grasshopper. cc: @jankivyas
  • Update the download page to say Rhino + Grasshopper. cc: @nicolas

Hi Mostapha,

Thank you for the prompt response. As I did install the Pollination plug-in through our company’s software center, I m not entirely sure if they made a mistake with setup file for Rhino vs Grasshopper plug-in. So, I m going to talk with IT department to clarify this. So, I will keep you informed in case there is something else.


Hi, @hlkocalioglu! Thank you for sharing the screenshot. This one is the GH installer. The Rhino installer is for version 1.9.0 is around 331 MB.