Pollination Rhino App - Import 3D Context - How should this work?

I’m testing feature to import 3D context into Rhino scene. Based on what I saw in demo a while back, there was a button to “bake” into scene. I don’ t see that button now.

snip showing project lat/longitude and missing bake button.

I tried downloading the geojson and ladybug json, but when I tried to insert, Rhino did not recognize the file type.

Also, I see there is a drop down with a handful of locations. Does this app support any site or just the handful of sites that are listed in drop down?

Hi @victorbrac! Great to see that you are trying the app. We have re-written this app with more functionalities and capabilities to use better resources to get more locations. This app was just a quick prototype.

Let me share the updated link with you in the next few days after talking to @antonellodinunzio and @devang. It looks like we have not ported the Rhino integration to the updated app yet.

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Hi @victorbrac,

Here is the updated link. It provides several different methods for searching:

And you can draw and bake the geometry:

You can use the navigator on the panel to add this link to your list for now, and until we remove the feature flag so you can see them on the Pollination landing page.

This is a preview of what it looks like once the feature flag is removed but you don’t have to wait for that! I had to save it as 2X to make the file size under 10 MB to upload it to Discourse!

Finally, as always, download the latest version of the Rhino plugin! :upside_down_face: I should make a T-shirt that says that has that written on it.