Pollination Rhino plugin (WIP) Run Simulation Local

Hello Pollination community,

Is it current possible to run simulations locally using the Pollination Rhino plugin (WIP)? Or is that not available at this time?

I am considering using it for a project that cannot be simulated in the cloud due to security concerns.



Hi @JustinShultz ,

It depends which recipe you want to run locally. If it is a ladybug-tools recipe, then there is a work around before we supporting the local runs natively in the next release.

For ladybug-tools recipes, you could find an equivalent one in LBT plugin, and you can start the modeling process with Rhino plugin and then use new GH components that we just added to pick the entire model into Grasshopper, and use the LBT workflow to run the simulation.


This is how what @mingbo said will look like inside Grasshopper for running an energy simulation - Mainly as a reference for users who might not be as familiar with the platform and can’t follow the user manual.


Would love to hear your feedback once you gave it a try!

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Thank you @mingbo and @mostapha, this information is very helpful. I appreciate the simple workflow for routing the pollination model into the OpenStudio simulation. I’ll also look into the documentation to see if I can use the workflow to model different mechanical systems, while using the same geometry input. This is a favorable workflow for me.

What is the best method for providing feedback?

I noticed that the si and ip switch in the annual-energy-use recipe did not return IP results in the HTML output but did for the EUI.

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The Discourse forum is preferred as other users can see the comments and provide additional feedback. In case there are some confidential data that can’t be shared publicly then you can email us directly at {first-name}@pollination.cloud

The other two questions are for @mingbo and @chris!

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Sorry that this one fell off my radar. That’s the intended behavior of the _ip switch. We cannot change the HTML to be in IP because the OpenStudio SDK prohibits it. If NREL exposes the ability to request the HTML in IP in the OpenStudio SDK, I think we’d consider exposing it in Honeybee.

Hi @JustinShultz, I just wanted to update this topic and let you know that if you download the developer WIP version of the Rhino plugin the local runs have been added to both the Grasshopper and the Rhino plugin. :partying_face:


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@mostapha That’s great! Thank you for the update!