Pollination Trouble Shoot

I’ve run a simulation with pollination and have come across a few errors. Please find it here:

  1. I set off a job with 128 runs but it says it has returned 122/122 only. How can this be?

  2. Although it says it’s completed the job there are runs that are still post-processing and have been for over 30min while all other runs have completed within 10 minutes. How can these be taking so much longer when the only difference between the inputs is a change of material? How can I successfully complete the post-processing for these?
    (I suspect that the runs that are still ‘processing’ are the reason why I’ve only returned 122/128 runs)

  3. I also have 1 run that has failed but after going through the debugging i cannot see any error messages to determine the cause of its failure

Could I please have some advice on these? @mostapha @antoinedao

Hi @amynuccio, Sorry for the delay.

  1. This is the old frustrating issue that we have with jobs not being updated. We have to talk about this internally to come up with a better solution. This is unacceptable even for a WIP product. My apologies and we will get this fixed soon.

  2. This is how they look like from the web interface. What happens is that they also finish in about the same time but then the event that let the UI know that the job has been finished gets lost - and so the UI shows the last message that it has received which is the job being post-processed. Similar to 1 this is on us and we have to get it fixed for you.

  3. Can you share the link to this specific run so we can have a closer look? Thanks again.