Pollination uninstaller doesn't uninstall plug-in

I’m not looking for a fix, this is just an FYI for the developer(s).

Running the Pollination installer installs ladybug tools into a discrete folder, along with its own junk in the ‘Pollination’ folder.

Running the uninstaller in unattended mode - I don’t care about attended - from that ‘Pollination’ folder uninstalls the junk (apart from the installation log (which, by the way, should be in %TEMP%) but doesn’t uninstall ladybug tools. One has to run the separate installer in the ‘ladybug_tools’ folder.

Decide one way or the other guys. You’re either installing and uninstalling everything from one EXE or you’re not. Better yet, use the Wix toolset to create an MSI and have done with such issues! Being command line-driven, it can easily be incorporated into your build process.

Hi @vbscab! Thank you for the feedback. Appreciate it.

Which plugin did you install? I imagine these comments are about the Grasshopper plugin installer? The process is similar for Rhino and Grasshopper but it will help to know.

We are keeping the ladybug-tools and pollination installers separate for reasons besides how the installer works. That said, uninstalling Pollination from the command line should remove the Ladybug Tools installation. We will work on that! :slightly_smiling_face:

The issue should be fixed in the new installer.