Pollination User Meetup 05

Hi all,

Our upcoming User Meetup is on Thursday October 21, at 11am.

@trevor is going to share some work he’s done for a medical research laboratory. He performed explorative and early phase energy models using Pollination and will outline his workflow comparison to showcase the benefit of using Pollination for large-scale institutional projects.

If you haven’t already please register using this link . As always, the event is free but we do need you to register to receive the login information.

If you 've missed past user meetups and want to view the recordings, then please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel .

Look forward to seeing you soon!

All the best, Janki

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Hi All,

If you missed the user meetup yesterday, it is now uploaded to our YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure. Check it out out here.

A special thank you to @trevor for sharing his workflow with us!

All the best, Janki

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