Pollination with Ironbug, longer simualtion time by using extruded border shades

I am a big fan of LBT and pollination, thank you for making these amazing tools.
I made an energy model with 34 rooms and used detailed HVAC from Ironbug with AHU and climate ceiling. I have two questions:

  1. I use “HB extruded border shades”, this increases simulation time much more than without using shades. if I use Colibri for more simulations it will take a lot of time to get data.
  2. if I use detailed HVAC with Ironbug, I need to model to OSM, IB save to file and HB rerun OSM. But how can I use this workflow in pollination cloud? is pollination cloud possible to run with Ironbug plugin.

    Thank you very much!

Hi, @cz1 and welcome to the Pollination forum! :pollination:

  1. If you have so many shades it is expected that the study takes longer to run.

  2. You can use the Pollination recipes for energy simulation using an OSM file as an input. Basically, replace the run OSM component with a Pollination recipe component and you will be all set.

@mostapha Hi Mostapha, Thank you for your reply I will try it.