Pollination's Rhino plugin (WIP) is now available for download!

We are so excited to share our Rhino plugin with you! If you are new to Pollination and public BETA access, we highly recommend you read this post first : Welcome to Public BETA Access!

If you are already using Pollination, then read on to learn why you should use the Rhino Plugin, what features are available with the WIP release, upcoming features, and how to share feedback so we can make it the best application for your use.

Why have a Plugin for Rhino?

You might be thinking, if I can use Pollination from Grasshopper or the Web App, why do I need Rhino? Well, in our opinion, Rhino happens to be one of the best CAD platforms for surface based modeling enhanced further by the power of scripting. Integrating Pollination with Rhino allows you to:

  • Create and modify geometry with unparalleled speed and precision, especially large models.
  • Automate repetitive tasks, either by Rhino script or Grasshopper
  • Speed up runs and share workflows via Pollination Cloud integration
  • Avoid redrawing geometry in other platforms and export to gbXML
  • And much more…

User Manual

Our team has worked together to Getting Started in Rhino - Pollination User Manual. The manual is still a work in progress, but it’s a great resource that will help you get started with Pollination in Rhino. We have about 17 videos embedded throughout the User Manual, but if you’d rather watch the videos in order, you can do so by checking out our YouTube Channel.

Pollination Panel and Commands

Use custom Pollination Commands in Rhino to create rooms, add apertures (windows, skylights, other openings), doors, and shading. Solving for adjacencies automatically recognizes interior surfaces and boundary conditions. Assign building program, HVAC systems, or Construction Sets using a room-by-room or by layer approach.


Rhino Scripting and Interoperability with Grasshopper

Pollination libraries allow for powerful custom scripting. See here for a video tutorial and several code samples.

The Pollination Rhino plugin is fully interchangeable with the Ladybug Tools Grasshopper plugins. In the following video example, a Pollination Rhino model is mirrored in Grasshopper and Honeybee is used to parametrically add shading to the model and baked in Rhino.

Upcoming Features

Add Weather Data Visualization

Coming soon, will be the ability to generate sun-path, wind-roses and other weather data diagrams as part of the Rhino plugin. This will allow for quick shadow and massing studies from inside Rhino. We also plan to have a reporting feature that will allow for a “weather report” output.

Improve Simulation Execution

Local runs using Pollination Recipes is currently not supported, but will be added in our upcoming releases. We are also working to improve the results visualization. In the meantime, use Pollination cloud computing resources for FREE until the end of public access!


Use the Rhino category on Discourse to report any issues, request new features, or share any comments. We look forward to hearing from you!


You can download the latest version of the WIP plugin from this link and follow the installation instructions!

Happy simulations!


Download link doesn’t work?

Hi @miladheiranipour, I just tried the link and it worked. Can you double check your internet connection and try again? What’s the error that you get?

Hi @mostapha
I double-check this link but unfortunately doesn’t work for me! Maybe this problem is due to my use of the anti-filter.
I got this error.

I sent you a mirror link in a message. Let me know if that one works for you.

thank you so much! I can download and installed it.

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Pollination Pulguin of Rhino is so nice tool!!
But I tried to use again , I cannot use it.
Messsage say my current WIP licence has been expired.
I installesd WIP pollination but same problem occur.
please tell me idea.

Hi @kantohiroki, I just double checked and the WIP license is still active. Do I understand correctly that you have used the same installation successfully before?

@mingbo, what could be the reason for this?

Hi @kantohiroki,

In any chance that you have your firewall blocks the Rhino to access internet? or your machine has no access to the internet?

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Thank you for @mingbo @mostapha great reply
That problem is fire wall . I change netwoek from public to private, Pollination do work
I am looking forward to using pollination!!

Best regard

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@mostapha is the src for the GUI not in the repository? or did I overlook it? The Rh plugin is awesome! looking forward to seeing it grow, and hope to contrib!

Hi @trevor, the Pollination Rhino plugins itself is not open source. That said, it is designed to be extendible and has an API which you can use for adding new functionalities as needed. See here for the documentation and examples:

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Awesome thank you! totally makes sense.

Hi, I am facing two issues with the installation:

  1. Its not installing for Rhino 7 (only Rhino 6)
  2. When I use the installer, I can see it on grasshopper, but nothing on the rhino interface itself

I have uninstalled and installed them several times

Hi @hmurya, Thank you for reporting the issue.

  1. Where is the location of the Rhino 7 installation on your machine? @mingbo should be able to help with this question.
  2. In Rhino 6 you have to open Rhino 3 times so it can load the dlls one at a time! This is an issue with Rhino 6. See here.
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Hi @mingbo and @mostapha, my rhino 7 installation is in: C:\Program Files\Rhino WIP\System\

I will do a clean install and try Rhino 6 again :slight_smile:

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Hi @hmurya, our installer doesn’t support Rhino WIP, please install the official Rhino 7.


Ah! Thanks a lot for that.