Pollination's Rhino plugin (WIP) is now available for download!

Download link doesn’t work?

Hi @miladheiranipour, I just tried the link and it worked. Can you double check your internet connection and try again? What’s the error that you get?

Hi @mostapha
I double-check this link but unfortunately doesn’t work for me! Maybe this problem is due to my use of the anti-filter.
I got this error.

I sent you a mirror link in a message. Let me know if that one works for you.

thank you so much! I can download and installed it.

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Pollination Pulguin of Rhino is so nice tool!!
But I tried to use again , I cannot use it.
Messsage say my current WIP licence has been expired.
I installesd WIP pollination but same problem occur.
please tell me idea.

Hi @kantohiroki, I just double checked and the WIP license is still active. Do I understand correctly that you have used the same installation successfully before?

@mingbo, what could be the reason for this?

Hi @kantohiroki,

In any chance that you have your firewall blocks the Rhino to access internet? or your machine has no access to the internet?

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Thank you for @mingbo @mostapha great reply
That problem is fire wall . I change netwoek from public to private, Pollination do work
I am looking forward to using pollination!!

Best regard

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@mostapha is the src for the GUI not in the repository? or did I overlook it? The Rh plugin is awesome! looking forward to seeing it grow, and hope to contrib!

Hi @trevor, the Pollination Rhino plugins itself is not open source. That said, it is designed to be extendible and has an API which you can use for adding new functionalities as needed. See here for the documentation and examples:

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Awesome thank you! totally makes sense.

Hi, I am facing two issues with the installation:

  1. Its not installing for Rhino 7 (only Rhino 6)
  2. When I use the installer, I can see it on grasshopper, but nothing on the rhino interface itself

I have uninstalled and installed them several times

Hi @hmurya, Thank you for reporting the issue.

  1. Where is the location of the Rhino 7 installation on your machine? @mingbo should be able to help with this question.
  2. In Rhino 6 you have to open Rhino 3 times so it can load the dlls one at a time! This is an issue with Rhino 6. See here.
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Hi @mingbo and @mostapha, my rhino 7 installation is in: C:\Program Files\Rhino WIP\System\

I will do a clean install and try Rhino 6 again :slight_smile:

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Hi @hmurya, our installer doesn’t support Rhino WIP, please install the official Rhino 7.


Ah! Thanks a lot for that.

The download link now takes me to the cad-plugins with prices pages (Pollination Cloud App). Has the beta officially ended for the cad plugins? Do we need to start paying to receive the updates to the plugin? I would like to use the new PO_Draw feature.

Hi @justinshultz,
BETA access has not ended. While it takes you to a pricing page, you can still download the plugins from this link (instead of discourse).
When BETA access ends we will make sure to give plenty of notice and make an announcement.

Best, Janki