Preview doesn't show the geometry

Hi team,

I have started using Pollination in Revit in one of our projects as a trial, but I have encountered a weird problem. It seems it does not allow me to export when I have a concave geometry unless I split it up the main zone into multiple sub-zones. I know we had the same issue in LBT for solar calculations, but since the pollination job in the current version is to make life easier with export-import approaches within different interfaces, it would be great to have this problem resolved.

Here I add the image of the zone I have:

if I keep it as it is it doesnt allow me to visualize the entire floor zones, and no possibility to export, while if I subdivide the zone I can get the visualizations like below as the entire floor:

Is there any possibility to avoid zone subdivisions for concave geometries?


Hi @amirtabadkani,

There should not be such limitations. Are you sure that you select all the rooms before clicking on preview? We only preview the selected rooms from the menu. This is by design to make it easy to debug the rooms one by one.

This is a screenshot after only selecting Kitchen and Dining.

And here is another one that I select all the rooms on the first floor.

The export button is at step 8. Similarly, you have to select all the rooms if you want all of them to be exported.

Hi @mostapha

Yes, I do select the zones… like here when I subdivide the zone into three zones it visualizes and exports:

But, when I remove the separation lines and make it one zone, it takes time forever to visualize (which it ends up with a frozen display without showing that zone):

And when I export as .gem, it says ‘Success’ but nothing was exported on my computer.


Hi @amirtabadkani! Thank you for adding the additional information. Can you share part of the model/part of the model with us to recreate the issue? This seems to be a different issue and not related to the concave geometry. The visualization is a separate step. I suspect that something is happening during the translation to HB/DFJSON before exporting to VTK for visualization. You can share the model with me privately using the private message.

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An update here. The case was that the generated DFJSON model was not valid because of some issues with boundary condition which was blocking the translation to HBJSON and VTK for visualization. We are adding an option to allow invalid models to be visualized. You should use the validate button to validate and fix the model as needed.

This has been resolved in the latest version which was released today. You should be able to both visualize the invalid model and export it to IES GEM directly.