Problem with installation

hi everyone,

I’m having this problem after install this pollination version: plugins_release_PollinationGHInstaller-1.48.25

I’ve already tried to reinstall rhino and pollination a couple of times but the error persists.

there are something that I can do to fix this problem?

beyond that, the pollination tab didn’t appear in the ribbon too


rhino version 7.14

Hi @vinicivs, have you tried to update Rhino to the latest service release? At least that’s my understanding from the error message. @mingbo is the one to confirm.

hi Mostapha!

thanks for the answer, it worked!
I didn’t thought it would be something easy like that



I’m experiencing a very similar error but I am running Rhino 6

Is it possible that GH plug in does not work with Rhino 6? Thanks!

Hi @glinn07, my understanding is that it should work but @mingbo can confirm.

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