Program 'honeybee.exe' failed to run: Access is denied, when Validating or Previewing model


I’m getting the error: “Program ‘honeybee.exe’ failed to run: Access is denied”, when Validating or Previewing the model using the Revit plug in.

I’m still able to export the model but the simulations are failing and I think it is related. See link to project debug here.

I tried installing honeybee_vtk from here, but I’m new to using the wheel file type and I’m not sure if it was successful.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Hi @amagio! Sorry for the delayed response.

The Revit installer comes with all the libraries that it needs to run on your machine. You should not need to install anything externally.

My best guess is that your anti-virus has falsely marked honeybee.exe as a virus and has blocked it. The libraries that come with the Revit plugin are installed under %username%\pollination_revit\. The honeybee.exe file is under %username%\pollination_revit\python\Scripts with all the other Ladybug Tools executable files. You need to unblock them on your system and everything should work afterward. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi @amagio, did you solve this problem?

Hi @mostapha thank you for following up and apologies for the delay. The files in the Scripts folder do not appear to be blocked and I haven’t had a chance to try anything else. Any other suggestions would be appreciated, as I’m still having the issue. Thank you!

Hi @mostapha, thanks again for you help. I was able to solve this issue!

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