Project folder on web app not loading

Hi all, when I open the “Other” project folder within our org account, it just keeps loading and loading and never shows the jobs within the folder. It’s been like this for about an hour now:

I’ve tried with other project folders and they work.

Hi @Max!

Could you please either invite me to the Aurecon organization or make the project public so I can help troubleshoot this issue?


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Thank you @Max for reporting this.

@nicolas, there is a similar case here for a public project:

:+1: Looks like @antoinedao is handling the issue then. Let me know if there’s any way I can help!

I’ve added you anyway @nicolas

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Hi @Max :wave:

Thanks as always for reporting bugs so promptly. I have responded in this post with an update on the status of this bug.

I will point this topic to the main one which I will use to track this bug.