Re-opening snapshot manager gives me wheel of death

I am trying out the Revit (2023) plugin with a trial of pollination and am working my way through the tutorials. I am successfully getting through export model and then going into the snapshot manager to fix alignment issues. I have saved my snapshot, but when I go to re-open the saved snapshot, I cannot do anything- I try to merge rooms and it doesn’t let me run, I go to align and it doesn’t let me run. I have tried reopening pollination, revit, and the file completely and nothing works. Does anyone have a fix?
loading error

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Hi @eschwartz,

Sorry about that! This was a glitch that happened as we are working through some final stuff to get it out of WIP. The start-up time should be much faster now, and the “wheel of death” should never happen again! Great name by the way. :sweat_smile:

Give it a try and let us know if you see any issues. You should now see the commands to show up in two rows instead of one!


P.S. The export to OSM is not currently available in the model editor but should be available in the next upcoming release. cc: @mingbo and @antonellodinunzio

@mostapha We are back in business! thank you!!