Reading the results from multiple runs using Fly

@Mostapha, I am trying to use Fly to read the results from a parameter study, as you showed in your YouTube tutorial. My goal is to display all variations in the Rhino viewport simultaneously, so I’m recording all the data I need, however there seems to be an issue:

There should be 27 of each, but instead I get different numbers for each output, and a bunch of null values. I think this is because of how the cloud components take some time to get the data, during which they still fire an output. Here is a screenshot I took during the process:

Hi @Max, I missed a critical step for loading the results for a parametric studies when I recorded the video. You need to change the settings of the components to block the Grasshopper interface.

Pollination component are designed to work as non-blocking component which is important to be able to keep the Grasshopper interface live while scheduling jobs, etc. But when it comes to results visualization you want them to work similar to most of Grasshopper components and block the interface. To do that you have to right click and uncheck Live update status on both Check Job Status and Load assets components.

Hi Mostapha,

It’s still not working for me, can you please check this:

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Hi @Max! Thank you for trying this. @Mingbo, can you have a look at this?

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Fixed, will be included in the new installer tomorrow.


Hi @Max, you can download the new installer from: Pollination Cloud App

Thanks - I tried this - and it works great. Only one minor issue - I toggled on the fly component to pull results from 81 simulations and realized that there was an error (it was just getting the same results for some reason). But because the GH is disabled now - I cannot cancel the fly operation. This could be an issue when running several 100 simulations - can there be a way to hard stop all operations?

Fly component listens to the ESC key input if I remember correctly. You have to keep trying the ESC key until it cancels the process.

If you replace Fly with Colibri Iterator and Aggregator, you should be able to find the a text file “running.txt” saved inside the “save as” folder defined by Aggregator. Iterator will stop once it finds “running.txt” is deleted.

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True about the Fly component. But as I said- once you disable Live Updates - the grasshopper canvas is frozen - so pressing ESC doesn’t do anything.

Will try Colibri.

Hi I am unable to download multiple results, fly I believe moves the slider too fast and nothing is downloaded. Also the component appears to fail if the result already has been downloaded. The cache does not appear to be working. If I check ignore cache its no error on component, but still can not download multiple results. Working in rhino 7 with I believe v77.1.0 Pollination. I have tried Colibri same issue appears to be too quick. Is there another way to pull the results? Have a couple of hundred so individually is tough Really liking the intent of the interface Thx

Screen grab for info:

Hi @paul, you should change the components to run in blocking mode. I suggest to open a new topic for your questions.