Recipe request - combined daylight and energy study


I mentioned this topic on yesterday’s meeting - would it be possible to incorporate combined annual daylight + energy analysis?
It would be great to be able to control lightning schedules (i.e. through daylight autonomy) for energy analysis and output both - annual daylight grids and energy balance components (cooling/heating) in one run.
I am afraid I lack Python skills to do it on my own.

Once again - thank you for the meeting and presentation, have a great weekend

Hi @Wujo,

Thank you for posting this request.

For energy balance components is it something that you can generated on the Grasshopper side using the output of the recipe? We don’t have an integration to charts and graphs right now.

We also have this on-going conversation about energy balance charts: Running 945 parametric runs and visualizing them in DesignExplorer - Grasshopper Plugin - Pollination

Hello @Mostapha,

Thank you for your response and information. I am looking exactly for data that was used to create a graph posted by @the_donn in the first image here:

I belive that current EUI recipe (annual energy use) outputs just part of data needed to create such graphs.

I did not have the opportunity to test it yet but, as far as I understand these should be fairly easy to get using ‘custom energy sim’ recipe - am I missing something here?

Great question! I don’t know the answer but @chris should be able to help. If those outputs are available that can simplify the visualization part.

Sorry for the late response. Yes, @Wujo , the Custom Energy Sim recipe lets you specify any outputs that you want from the simulation. So you can use those to request everything that is needed to run an energy balance.

I think I’ll eventually add a dedicated recipe that outputs the load balance terms but, for now, the Custom Energy Sim gives you everything that you need.

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